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Best Tentsile Review Of 2017

Best Tentsile Review Of 2017

Are you planning for a camping expedition or holiday in the woods? The Tentsile you select can make or break it. For years, people remained fixated to ground tents. But they became too risky because of rocks, creeping animals, and even flooding. Researchers, on their overdrive, were not late in crafting better options that are more reliable, extra comfortable, and highly durable. Welcome to the world of Tentsile! Here is the best tentsile tents of 2017 that every camper should read.

The Tentsile Connect

The Tentsile Connect is a tree tent hammock with a rainfly. It is carefully designed to comfortably accommodate 2 people (a maximum load of about 880 lbs).

However, you can make the experience more enthralling by connecting it to the adjoining units of a camping hotel. Every connector comes with 4 doors so that the entire family can enjoy the best moments away from home.

While other tree tents are mainly designed for warm weather camping, the Tentsile connect is carefully engineered for all weather. Well, no matter the time of the year when you want to head to the woods, this hammock will not disappoint. It has an insect mesh-roof and easy to remove rainfly.

Whether you have just had a long hiking day or it is raining, simply lie inside to enjoy the uninterrupted connection to nature.

One thing to point when using the Tensile Connect is that it must be properly secured above the ground and held tight enough to hold the weight of the two. The good thing about the tent is that it comes with an easy to use manual that makes it easy for a camper to simply pack and head into the woods.

The Tentsile Flite with flysheet

This is the latest in the Tentsile’s latest innovative hammocks and tree tents. It is light enough to simply pack in minutes and head to the wild. It has a triangular shape when suspended with 3 straps and one heavy duty ratchet. The single pole is enough to provide the entire inner height as well as flysheet cover full support.

While many 3-person design hammocks are engineered with heavy materials and cover bigger areas, the Tentsile Flite with flysheet is different.

It utilizes a single ratchet to keep the weight low and also covers a smaller area (2.5×2.5x3m). While the 3.5 kilograms do not make this Flite fit in the lightweight category, the parts can be separated for extra portability.

Though the Flite is the latest in the Tentsile range of camping products, its assembly can be more time consuming compared to other models such as the tensile connect. Despite this, you are assured of extra comfort the entire camping period.

Tentsile Vista

The Tentsile Vista is a 3 person camping hammock designed for camping in cool weather such as summer and sprints or fall. It is heavily built to hold the weight of up to 880 lbs. When carefully pitched, the hammock opens to 48×180 inches, which is enough to hold three people and some items comfortably.

It has a triangular shape that provides entry from all the three sites. The Vista’s interior offers 2 levels of protection; rainfly and an insect mesh. To enjoy your stay, it is advisable to ensure it is located only 4-4.5 feet above the ground. This allows easy entry into the hammock all the time.

Vista comes with two major cons. One, the hammock is not ideal for camping in extremely cold weather or precipitation. Two, you must get three key points to tie the hammock to.





What Parts a Complete Tent Set Should Contain

What Parts a Complete Tent Set Should Contain

Are you planning to take some time in the wild? The chances are that you will require a tent. A tent is a portable shelter that for people on camping sites, hiking, carrying scientific explorations, or simply taking a holiday away from home. Besides, tents have become the best choice for people holding ceremonies such weddings, birthdays, and memorials. To use a tent appropriately, it is prudent to get all the necessary parts and have the right skills for pitching it. Here are all the parts that a complete tent set should contain.

Tent poles

The tent poles join to for the complete framework that determines the ultimate shape of the structure (circular, hut like or rectangular among others). The tent poles are tied together at the joints to form a solid structure that can shelter you in the wild without being blown away by the wind. Because tent poles are designed in subsections, joining them is easy and fast.

Tent fly

A tent fly is pulled over the tent and then pegged on the ground to provide additional waterproofing that is very crucial in wet conditions. When camping in a very cold area, the tent fly traps heat between it and the tent so that you can enjoy relatively higher temperatures compared to the outside world.

The tent pegs

Because heavy winds characterize many camping areas in the open such as mountain tops, woodlands, and beaches, tent pegs are very important. They help to secure corners of the tent and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. The pegs are also used for securing the tent fly to ensure that it extends some distance from the tent so that water does not get to the tent base.


If you are camping in a wet or mud area, you need tarps to place on the ground. Once the tent has been pitched appropriately, the tarps are carefully laid down and joined at the edges to keep the living chamber dry and lovely.

Guy ropes

While the tents are created with pieces of ropes to secure on the poles, additional securing is critical. Guy ropes provide additional support that exerts more pressure on the tent at various intervals. They are secured to the ground using additional pegs. Because the guy ropes are also run through the tent fly, they allow the rain water or snow to move away from the tent.


Having pitched your tent well, you also need to get an extra structure either on the front or rear for extra shelter. Awnings help to provide shelter from hot sun or snow. Some tents are constructed with awnings attached on one side so that you only need some tent poles and securing ropes.

Tent footprints

The footprints are created to work just like tarps but are used to prevent the tent from the ground. They are made from hardened materials and help to make the tent last for a longer period.

Tent bags

When you buy a set of tent items, a tent bag is used to secure them together. The bags are designed with waterproof materials to help secure all the items without getting damaged.

Mallet and hammer

These two are very important for driving the tent pegs into the ground. You might also require a tape measure to push the pegs into the ground on the right distance.

Camping Essentials for a Young Family

Camping Essentials for a Young Family

When a young family goes out camping, it gets the best time to bond, get refreshed, connect with nature, and strengthen their love. A campsite takes the family away from the common home environment so that members can see how lovely they are in every place for deeper affection. To enjoy even more time with your family, you have to prepare appropriately with the following camping essentials.

Lantern, Flashlight, and power back up

For flashlights there are so many options out there. Typically camping lanterns are not very powerful and the will use up so much battery power you will be forever chaging them out. What I do recommend is a good tactical style flashlight from the likes of Fenix or StreamLight. These type of handhel flashlights are portable, powerful and last a logn time. You can find more information here.

Though you will be out of town for a couple of days or the entire week, you want to be in touch with friends, workmates, and staff of your business. A portable camping generator will supply you with the power you need while power back up will keep the laptop, smartphone, and tablets powered. Note that if you search carefully, some camps have power supplies.

First Aid Kit

Unlike in top hotels where a nurse is always waiting to attend to you, the campsite is different. You are in the wild exploring and connecting nature where scratches, bruises, and bumps can easily occur. Therefore, a first aid kit comes handy. You can also add the car first aid kit to ensure that first help is available if needed.


Ropes in a camp site are invaluable because they have diverse uses. They can be used to stretch the tent, secure outdoor furniture, or tow your car if it gets stuck. Make sure to have a number of ropes of varying lengths and strengths.

Maps and Compass

While the campsite might be clearly visible and easy to locate from the GPS on the tablet, it will be very difficult to navigate when there is no signal. Most of the remote areas that are best for camping lack network signals and campers can easily get lost. However, a map and a compass will you with great precision when the GPS on your system fails.

Sleeping items

After a long day of touring the neighbourhood or engaging in sports, you want to have a lovely and refreshing night. It’s important that you kids enjoy the experience, so a good nights sleep is essential, so make sure to pack sleeping bags, camping beds, pillows, and ear plugs.

Alternative weather clothing

While you might have followed the weather forecast closely and believes it will be sunny the entire camping weekend, make sure to pack alternative weather clothes. Weather changes regularly and you do not want your lovely wife and charming baby to chill in the cold.

Tenting items

As a young family, you want a lovely tent that gives you some privacy from other campers. Make sure to pack your tent that gives you several compartments for parents and kids, tent carpet, tent pegs, mallet, and electric hook-up.

The kitchen essentials

Depending on where you are camping, you need to come with ample food supplies to keep the young family well fed. Here, it is time to go for something different from what you are used at home. A good option is considering ready to east food that only requires warming so that you can take more time exploring the neighbourhood. Other kitchen essentials include water containers, gas or charcoal stove, cooking items, wet wipes, basins, and tableware.

7 Must Visit Campsites in France

7 Must Visit Campsites in France

Are you planning for a holiday or a getaway? Get a unique thrill by visiting the best campsites in France. Unlike the top star-rated hotels, campsites are unique because they allow you to mingle with nature and be part of it. Besides, they are more affordable and give you a feeling of home away from home. Here are 7 must visit campsites in France.

1. Les Prairies de la Mer

This is one of the best beach campgrounds that have extensive sandy beaches for a unique getaway. It gives visitors a picturesque view of both the sandy beach horizon and St Tropez across the sea. Unlike other camps that are deep in the wild, this campsite is only a short distance from Port Grimaud for supplies while restaurants and bars line up to supply your favourite wines, beers, and delicacies for an enthralling moment. Visitors also get enthralling entertainment from regular bands, enjoy different water sports and competitions.

2. The La Chapelle campsite

This is a quiet shady campsite located at the heart of Argelès-Plage adjacent to the border with Spain. It is only 200 meters to the sandy beaches that give visitors opportunities to enjoy all types of water sports and beach celebrations. Because it is located close to the seaside resort, visitors can even take public transport and get supplies from different shops, restaurants, discos, play grounds, bars, and craft markets. Some of the main recreational activities you can get involved in include mountain biking, hiking, and bowling.

3. Le Soleil Campsite

This is one of the best camping areas in South France because of its diverse facilities and direct access to the beaches. It is particularly excellent for families with children and teenagers because of diverse play items that will keep them engaged all along. Besides, the campsite has great pool complex that provides scuba diving lessons. Besides, it is just at the edge of the Argeles town that has many restaurants, bars, restaurants, and shops for every supply that you need.

4. Le Brasilia

Le Brasilia is one of the largest French campsites that give an enthralling view of Mediterranean Sea. It is part of the Yelloh Village chain of campsites that have great water complex, sandy paths to the sea, and picturesque landscapes. It is only a kilometre to the Carnet en Roussillon in South West Mediterranean that is ideal for camping shopping, holiday supplies, and gifts.

5. Camping Sol a Gogo

Camping Sol a Gogo is a 4-star rated campground on the coast of Pays De Saint Gilles part of Vandee. It features private access to golden sandy beaches approximately 50 meters and is ideal for families with children. It is located adjacent to enthralling facilities such as water parks, zoos, and cycle routes that open a wide range of activities that you can engage in.

6. Camping du Bas Meygnaud

The design of this campsite targets giving visitors all the time to enjoy the cool environment and activities because it has a restaurant on site. Besides, it also has a court for badminton, bike rental, rental mobile homes, and swimming pools. Whether you want a special family getaway or a romantic weekend out, this is one campsite that will never disappoint.

7. Camping Les Gorges du Chambon

Whether you want a single day stopover or entire weekend with a difference, Camping Les Gorges du Chambon is a charming place that will make your stay unforgettable. It’s picturesque sceneries, well-trimmed grass lawns, and diverse activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports make it every attractive. It is preferred by a lot of campers because it is close to the town for supplies, ideal for meetings, special sports, and gives visitors opportunity to enjoy the culture of local people.